Vintage Grumman Canoe Totem- Just because.

My wife and I have really enjoyed our hand-built, wooden Old Town Canoe. The problem is, it's far too nice to take rushing down some fast water with a multitude of boulders and rocks just waiting to wreck all that beautiful finish.  So the solution was to get an old beater.  A $200 vintage Grumman fit the bill.  It spent the first part of its life as a rental in Ann Arbor Michigan.  It's seen it's fair share of abuse these past several decades but it still had plenty of years of use just waiting to be had.  But I just couldn't leave the thing alone. It needed some fitting embellishment if we were to enjoy it in style.  Hence the totemification.  It was a weekends worth of work but I think this old rental is ready to create some memories for this guy and his family.